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Notable Cases

In criminal defense, the favorable outcome or favorable disposition of a case is the bottom line measurement of your success. Lewin & Lewin is proud of the results we have been able to obtain for our clients over the years. Attorney Robert D. Lewin is a former Assistant D.A. for Middlesex County with more than 40 years of experience. As a result of this experience, Mr. Lewin is able to use not only his knowledge of the law, but his credibility and strong working relationships with area prosecutors and judges to help protect our client’s interests.

Listed below is a sample of cases Attorney Lewin has successfully handled within the last several years. There are many other similar wins over the last forty years.

Sex Offenses

  • Essex Superior Court in Salem: 55 year old Middleton man found not guilty of multiple counts of rape of a child following a jury trial. (Step uncle accused of raping young female step-niece over a period of years while she was a child.)
  • Suffolk Superior Court in Boston: 22 year old college senior from Westford found not guilty of rape of a female college student following a jury trial. This was an alleged date rape.
  • Middlesex Superior Court in Cambridge: 39 year old Burlington man found not guilty of multiple counts of indecent assault and battery on a child following a jury trial. (Father of three sons alleged to have molested two young girls – ages 7 and 8 – while attending a birthday party.)
  • Cambridge District Court: 51 year old Revere man found not guilty of indecent assault and battery following a jury trial (massage therapist accused of wrongfully touching a female client during a massage).

Sex Offender Registration Board Cases

  • Level One: 29 year old man with conviction of raping 12 year old girl
  • Level One: 30 year old man with conviction of indecently touching a 4 year old child
  • Level One: 21 year old man with three convictions of indecent assault and battery on a 14 year old girl.

(Level One is the lowest level of registration and information on Level One Offenders is not made available to the public.)

Domestic Abuse & Domestic Assault and Battery

  • Attorney Lewin has a remarkable record for attaining dismissals and findings of not guilty in so-called Domestic Violence Cases. These types of results are common for Attorney Lewin throughout all the District Courts in Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk Counties. Here is a smattering from the last few months:
  • Lawrence District Court: 59 year old Andover Husband found not guilty of Assault and Battery on his wife following a bench trial.
  • Concord District Court: Case against a 38 year old Somerville man for assault and battery on his ex-girlfriend (the mother of his child) dismissed when it was shown to the District Attorney that she was not credible.
  • Boston Municipal Court: Case against 43 year old Wakefield man for assault and battery on his lover/work associate dismissed.
  • Lowell District Court: Case against Lowell man for assault and battery on his girl-friend dismissed.
  • Malden District Court: Malden man found not guilty of assault and battery and violation of an abuse prevention order following a trial in Malden Court. (Charge brought by client’s ex-wife)
  • Chelsea District Court: Case against Tewksbury man for assault and battery against his wife dismissed.
  • Malden District Court: Case against Malden woman for assault and battery on her husband dismissed.

Crimes of Violence (Non-Domestic & Non sex offenses) & Weapons Offenses

  • Lawrence District Court: An Andover mother was found not guilty of all charges by a jury (Assault and Battery by Dangerous Weapon and Possession of Dangerous Weapon) after she pepper sprayed a student in the parking lot of Andover High School.
  • U.S. District Court in Boston: A Federal Jury acquitted a 51 year old Methuen man of Threatening to Kill the Director of the Internal Revenue Service following a week long jury trial. When questioned by the press following the trial Attorney Lewin was quoted in the Eagle Tribune as having said the following about his client and the case:

  • “He looked the storm right in the face and said ‘I’m innocent. I’m not pleading guilty to anything.’ He courageously went to trial, facing the unlimited resources of the Federal Government. But he beat them. That’s what makes this win all the more sweet.”

  • Lowell District Court: A 66 year old Billerica man who is a strong believer in the right to bear arms was found not guilty by a jury of the unlawful possession of 15,000 rounds of ammunition. The accused had another lawyer but came to Attorney Lewin to try the case. On the surface this appeared to be a truly hopeless case: the client had invited the police into his home and showed them all his ammunition; his FID Card and License to Carry Firearms had expired many years before; nevertheless, Attorney Lewin tried the case and was able to create a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury and the client walked a free man.
  • Middlesex Superior Court in Lowell: Charges of Unlawful Possession of Firearms and Ammunition (Including large capacity firearms) against a Colorado man (and former Tyngsboro resident) were all dismissed when Attorney Lewin convinced a Superior Court Judge that the police violated the client’s rights during a search of the client’s home without a search warrant.

DWI & Other Motor Vehicle Offenses & License Reinstatements

  • Attorney Lewin has successfully defended numerous DWI and other Motor Vehicle Offenses. A sample of the cases follows:
  • Woburn District Court: 56 year old Malden man arrested by the State Police by Spot Pond in Stoneham and charged with DWI 2nd Offense found not guilty after trial.
  • Woburn District Court: 58 year old Arlington man arrested by the Reading Police following an intersection accident and charged with DWI 2nd Offense and Operating Negligently So As To Endanger found not guilty after trial of all charges.
  • Lynn District Court: 55 year old Marblehead man arrested by the Lynn Police and charged with DWI 7th Offense and Marked Lanes Violation. This appeared to be a hopeless case. Attorney Lewin prepared and filed a Motion to Dismiss the case on the grounds that the police lacked reasonable suspicion for the stop of the car. The Court agreed with Attorney Lewin’s legal argument and ordered all the charges dismissed.
  • Peabody District Court: A 19 year old Lynnfield youth was charged with Leaving the Scene Personal Injury and Leaving the Scene Property Damage. All charges dropped at Hearing before the Clerk-Magistrate of the Court.
  • Dorchester District Court: 50 year old Malden man charged with Operating After Suspension of License 7th Offense. Case Dismissed after Attorney Lewin convinced the District Attorney that client was deserving of consideration.
  • RMV/Board of Appeal: 40 year old Methuen man granted hardship license following minimum hardship period after three DWI Convictions.
  • RMV/Board of Appeal: 39 year old Reading man granted hardship license following minimum hardship period after two DWI Convictions.

Drug Offense

  • Attorney Lewin has successfully defended hundreds of drug cases over the last 32 years in the Superior Courts and the District Courts throughout Eastern Massachusetts. A sampling follows
  • Essex Superior Court in Salem: Verdicts of Not Guilty were returned on all charges against a 41 year old client from the Dominican Republic who was charged with Trafficking In Cocaine, School Zone Violations, and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Law. The trial lasted one week.
  • Middlesex Superior Court in Cambridge: 40 year old Everett man found Not Guilty after trial of all charges: (1) Possession of Heroin with Intent to Distribute, 2nd Offense, (2) Possession of Cocaine with Intent To Distribute, (3) School Zone Violation.
  • Middlesex Superior Court in Lowell: 29 year old Lowell woman found Not Guilty of all charges after trial: (1) Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute (Cocaine found in her refrigerator), (2) Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Law, and (3) School Zone Violation.
  • Malden District Court: All charges against a 25 year old Manchester NH man dismissed after Attorney Lewin successfully argued a Motion To Suppress all the evidence (drugs and weapons) found during a search of the client’s car in Everett. The Judge agreed with Attorney Lewin that the search of the car was unlawful and therefore all the drugs and weapons found during the search had to be suppressed.
  • Chelsea District Court: Charges of Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Law dismissed against a 30 year old Peabody man.

Theft and Fraud Cases

  • Roxbury District Court: Wilmington man found not guilty following a jury trial of all charges. State claimed he faked the theft of his car. Verdicts of not guilty returned on charges of Filing a Fraudulent Insurance Claim and Making a False Report of a Motor Vehicle Theft.
  • Lawrence District Court: Charges against a Lawrence man of Filing a False Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim dismissed at Pre-Trial. Attorney Lewin convinced the District Attorney that the Client’s claim was legitimate.
  • Lawrence District Court: Charges against a Lawrence woman of Filing a False Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim dismissed at Pre-Trial. Attorney Lewin convinced the District Attorney that the client was not involved. The claim was filed by someone impersonating the client.
  • Middlesex Superior Court in Cambridge: Malden man who admitted stealing $460,000.00 placed on Probation with no jail time. (This client had another lawyer but asked Attorney Lewin to join the Defense team for purposes of negotiating a plea. Attorney Lewin presented the plea to the Judge and wrote and filed a substantial sentencing memorandum that convinced the Judge to give the client probation notwithstanding the fact that the District Attorney was requesting a State Prison sentence.)
  • Shoplifting Cases in All District Courts: Attorney Lewin has successfully negotiated the diversion of hundreds of shoplifting cases out of the Court system so that the client does not have a criminal record.

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Attorney Lewin did an excellent job helping us with a clerk magistrate appearance. He was very thorough in informing us and providing updates throughout the entire process. He was always very responsive to and helpful with our questions. The outcome was very favorable. If the need should arise we...


I highly recommend Attorney Lewin for all criminal proceedings. I was charged with identity fraud and credit card fraud and at the end my case received a VERY favorable disposition which allowed me to retain my no guilty plea without admission. At the beginning I was afraid and confused of what may...


Mr. Lewin you are the best lawyer I ever met.You are the star. It was a pleasure for me to have a lawyer with such of high standards, and social class like you represent me in this case, and to meet you in person it was an incredible inspirational experience ; To see how dedicated and professional...


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