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Indecent Assault and Battery

Massachusetts Indecent Assault and Battery Defense

If you have been charged with indecent assault or battery in Massachusetts, you may be facing up to 10 years in state prison. Additionally, you may be required to wear a GPS monitoring device and register with the Sex Offender Registry Board.

There is too much at stake not to work with an attorney with experience – an attorney who has handled over 5,000 criminal defense cases in his career. If you face indecent assault and battery accusations, contact Lewin & Lewin for a free consultation. You can reach us at 978-258-3520.

Andover MA Indecent Assault and Battery

Indecent assault and battery is an intentional touching that is deemed to be sexually offensive. At Lewin & Lewin, we have handled the following cases which fall under indecent assault and battery:

  • Sexual touching that doesn’t involve penetration
  • Sexual attacks that don’t include rape
  • Sexual touching or groping of a minor or adult
  • Intentional touching of another’s genitals, buttocks or breasts without permission

Indecent assault and battery cases come in many forms, and we handle them all. Andover Attorney Robert D. Lewin has handled hundreds of these cases and understands how to craft an effective defense.

Our Approach

At Lewin & Lewin, we offer tough, aggressive representation to those accused of indecent assault and battery. We understand what is at stake for clients facing these charges: consequences that can change a life forever.

One of our main defense strategies involves working with an investigator. When possible, he interviews the accuser. In past cases, our investigator has gotten alleged victims to confess that the alleged crime never happened. Although we can’t promise that outcome in your case, we can ensure you that we will do whatever we can to gain the most favorable results for you.

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To meet with an indecent assault and battery lawyer free of charge, call us at 978-258-3520. You can also reach us online.

Notable Cases

Client Reviews

I had an outstanding warrant from 2007 and in one court appearance he was able to get the warrant canceled and the case dismissed.


We lived in another state hundred of miles away when we received the dreaded call our son was in trouble. We found Bob Lewin by divine intervention. He promised me that he would treat our son like one of his own sons and that we would be happy with the outcome. He is an amazing attorney. He is...


Attorney Lewin did an excellent job helping us with a clerk magistrate appearance. He was very thorough in informing us and providing updates throughout the entire process. He was always very responsive to and helpful with our questions. The outcome was very favorable. If the need should arise we...


I highly recommend Attorney Lewin for all criminal proceedings. I was charged with identity fraud and credit card fraud and at the end my case received a VERY favorable disposition which allowed me to retain my no guilty plea without admission. At the beginning I was afraid and confused of what may...


Mr. Lewin you are the best lawyer I ever met.You are the star. It was a pleasure for me to have a lawyer with such of high standards, and social class like you represent me in this case, and to meet you in person it was an incredible inspirational experience ; To see how dedicated and professional...


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