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At Lewin & Lewin, we provide experienced and effective criminal defense against felony and misdemeanor criminal charges ranging from sex crimes to drunk driving. In his career spanning over 37 years, Attorney Robert D. Lewin has handled thousands of criminal cases in the state and federal courts of Massachusetts and continues to represent clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts, including Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk counties in all criminal matters.

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At Lewin & Lewin, our criminal defense practice includes:

Domestic violence
Restraining order violations, assault and battery charges and more

Sexual assaults
Rape, child abuse, indecent assault and battery, date rape, indecent exposure, open and gross lewdness, statutory rape, online solicitation charges, sex offender registration and more

Internet sex crimes
Downloading, transmission, or possession of child pornography, child enticement, dissemination of obscene matter and more

Statutory rape, child rape and sex offenses against people with mental and physical disabilities, including nursing home sexual abuse cases

Child abuse
Both sexual and non-sexual child abuse, rape, indecent assault and battery, child battery, shaken baby syndrome and other forms of child abuse

Indecent assault
Involving intentional touching which is deemed to be sexually offensive

Indecent exposure/Open and Gross Lewdness
Involving the deliberate exposure of genitalia under circumstances where such exposure is likely to be deemed offensive

Drug charges
Possession, distribution, trafficking, conspiracy or manufacturing of marijuana, cocaine/crack, heroin, methamphetamine, illegal prescription drugs and more

DUI/drunk driving charges
DUI defense, Melanie's Law charges, 1st offenses, multiple DUI charges, motor vehicle homicide charges, RMV hearings and more

Motor vehicle violations and license suspensions
Reckless driving, hit and runs, driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance, license revocations, RMV hearings, Board of Appeal hearings and more

Theft crimes
Theft, shoplifting, credit card fraud, check forgery, embezzlement, auto theft, burglary, clerk magistrate hearings and more

Violent crimes
Assault and battery, aggravated assault, domestic violence, robbery, rape, arson, hate crimes, homicide/murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide and more

Other services
As part of our criminal practice, Attorney Robert D. Lewin provides skilled legal services in other matters, such as probation, surrender hearings and much more.

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