"If you are taking the time to read this review, then just like I was you are looking to find the best criminal defense lawyer you can find.

While I am sure every attorney wants to win their cases, not every attorney is the same. After doing my research I found Attorney Bob Lewin to be the best Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer around that ONLY deals with Criminal cases. I didn't need a jack of all trades, I needed the best trial attorney I could find.

Now that my ordeal is finally over I can attest to those 5 star reviews for Attorney Bob Lewin, as had I chosen someone else with less experience and expertise I may not be able to write any review period because even though I was innocent I faced a serious possibility of being incarcerated for something that I did not do. For a period of 90 days my life was turned upside down when I was falsely accused of domestic assault and battery and strangulation. I faced up to 5 years in jail, loss of my $80K job, my pension, my health benefits and my reputation.

At age 54 I had never been arrested nor have I ever committed a crime and I did not commit the crime for which I was falsely accused. Even though the alleged victim confessed the following day that her injuries were self inflicted it did not matter; my case was scheduled for jury trial. I knew then that even though I am 100% innocent I needed the best trial attorney I could find.

Attorney Lewin took over my case with only 5 weeks before the trial date. During the initial consultation Attorney Lewin was able to provide more insight to this case than I learned in the 7 weeks since I was arrested. From the moment I retained Attorney Lewin he was was in constant contact throughout this entire ordeal. From the outset my case was treated as a priority and never once was there a sense of being pushed to the back burner. Whether it was morning, noon or night Attorney Lewin was there for me.

After extensive preparation for trial, Attorney Lewin successfully got me my life back when the Commonwealth dismissed the charges the day of trial. My ordeal was no joke and without Attorney Lewin in my corner the results may have been far different with a less experienced attorney.

If you value your freedom and you want the best trial attorney available, I can proudly say Attorney Bob Lewin is that guy. I would recommend his legal expertise to anyone."

- W.M.

"I live in the Southwestern US now, and while trying to get a new driver's license, I was told that Massachusetts had denied my driving rights in all the USA.

Due to indiscretions of my youth, I had two outstanding DUI and assorted other driving warrants against me in Massachusetts. One DUI in Methuen, and assorted traffic infractions, including DUI, in Lawrence.

Bob Lewin handled it all expertly, and kept me from getting tangled up in the legal system while I had little time to spare for travel.

He seems to know and be liked by all the court officials, and managed to get everything untangled in just three days of court appearances.

I never had to say anything. I recommend him highly."

- John

"I hired Mr. Lewin afer reviewing his profile and I couldn't have asked for a better representative in my case. Advocated for me from day one till the end of my case. Very professional, comfortable to talk to and funny as well."

- I.N.

"Mr Lewin is well educated, well respected and the right guy for the job. He was entrusted with the responsibility of making sure my family and myself were well represented. Every step of the process I was well informed and kept up to date on everything that was happening. Mr Lewin replied to every email,text or phone call I made to him. Plain and simple, Bob made it look easy and when you walked through the court house with him, people knew you meant business. I highly recommend his services and thank him for every second he put into my case."

- Stephen

"Had an outstanding warrant for 21 years that I recently found out about in Lawrence mass. I currently live in Florida and got the run around from the court system. I called Mr Lewin and within a week he had appeared in court in my behalf and got the warrant removed without me having to travel to Mass."

- Alvin

"In August my wife and I were both charged with Larceny over $250 in Massachusetts. After our first meeting with Mr. Lewin there was a sense of relief. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law and how it works. He knew what the exact process he was going to take would be. He had multiple options for us to take for our cases to turn out great in our favor and promised he would try every single one. He was GREAT with communication, sending email updates as soon as he got them. He got the DA to agree to both our cases being dismissed prior to arraignment within 1 week of us hiring him. He worked around the clock to get his job done and supplied us with nothing but the best in defense."

- Miguel

“I had an outstanding warrant from 2007 and in one court appearance he was able to get the warrant canceled and the case dismissed.”

- Anonymous

“I owe Attorney Lewin a tremendous amount of gratitude. I was arrested and charged with domestic assault & battery, witness intimidation, and violating an abuse prevention order.

I went online and found Attorney Lewin's website. With all the positive reviews, I gave him a call. He spent well over an hour explaining the charges and the process. He sounded very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the law. I knew I found a lawyer that would fight for me.

He kept me well informed throughout the whole process. I met with him several times to prepare for trial to know what to expect in the courtroom. He is very ethical, cares and wants to win!

The first trial was the violation of abuse prevention order heard in Ayer District Court. It didn't take long to realize I had the best lawyer in the courtroom. He knows what he's doing. I was found "not guilty." The next day in Lowell District Court for the Domestic Assault & Battery and Witness Intimidation charges, Attorney Lewin was successful in getting all the Commonwealth's witnesses to refuse to testify against me and the charges were "dismissed." He was amazing.

Thank you Attorney Lewin for giving me my life back.”

- Anonymous

“We lived in another state hundred of miles away when we received the dreaded call our son was in trouble. We found Bob Lewin by divine intervention. He promised me that he would treat our son like one of his own sons and that we would be happy with the outcome. He is an amazing attorney. He is professional, highly intelligent and caring. He kept us informed at all times. If you can afford his fee and he takes your case you will be in good hands. My only regret is that he is not licensed to practice law in the state in which we reside.”

- Anonymous

“Attorney Lewin did an excellent job helping us with a clerk magistrate appearance. He was very thorough in informing us and providing updates throughout the entire process. He was always very responsive to and helpful with our questions. The outcome was very favorable. If the need should arise we would definitely use his services again.”

- E.R.

“I highly recommend Attorney Lewin for all criminal proceedings. I was charged with identity fraud and credit card fraud and at the end my case received a VERY favorable disposition which allowed me to retain my no guilty plea without admission. At the beginning I was afraid and confused of what may happen but Attorney Lewin provided me with a clear understanding of what options I will have, understand the entire process clearly and most importantly his time whenever I had a question. He was very responsive and flexible with his time, which few times included late night meetings to accommodate my schedule. Attorney Lewin is a true professional, highly respected by fellow attorneys, judges and prosecutors which I personally observed. Mistakes happen, investing in a highly knowledgable and professional attorney is priceless! Thank you Attorney Lewin for all of your help!”

- B.P.

“Mr. Lewin you are the best lawyer I ever met.You are the star. It was a pleasure for me to have a lawyer with such of high standards, and social class like you represent me in this case, and to meet you in person it was an incredible inspirational experience ; To see how dedicated and professional you are, made the process so much easier. I don't know how to express my warmth and affection for the ability and quality of your work. I'd highly recommend you and your Law Firm. Feeling grateful for the results of my case. May God bless you. Thank you again.”

- I.N.

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